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Downsizing is tough!!

Emotions are running high…and you would like to offer support to your departing employees who have been so valuable to the success of your organization…but commonly there are no funds to provide career transition services. We believe that we have a service offering that would help to ease your concerns and give those employees an option and an edge on their competition. Simply put, a valuable tool to be included in their exit package. What is it? Royal Personnel Services’ resume writing and editing service (Please contact us so we may send you a flyer to hand out to your employees). The choice is theirs, and at no cost to you. Backed by years of experience in the career management and staffing industry we know what recruiters want to see…to the point qualifications that are properly showcased and a resume that is visually appealing.

In many organizations restructuring in order to meet business objectives has become a familiar event. Unfortunately meeting those objectives is little comfort to those who are in the midst of a reduction in force. Once the news sinks in, the first thing on your employees mind is quick re-employment. Frequently identifying their next career opportunity becomes a daunting task. Their first thought is to try and compose a resume quickly for mass distribution. Unfortunately in their haste technical skills, soft skills, and accomplishments may not be presented in the most positive and concise manner.

How does it work?

We start the process with a personal consultation so that we may gain insight into their past accomplishments and future target audience. Just filling out a form, or speaking on the phone would never give us their personal story, and that is what we are all about, the personal touch. As a part of a reduction in force, we recognize that they have just encountered a life changing event that is so important that it requires a face to face meeting. After our initial appointment, we will utilize our expertise to develop a comprehensive resume. Within one to three business days after the first discussion we will deliver to them by email a completed resume in the format of their choice. Additionally we will provide a generic cover letter. Both provided to your departing employees at the modest rates listed below. Remember the cost of the service is solely theirs.


  • Entry Level $199.00
  • Mid Management & Professional Individual Level Contributors $279.00
  • Senior Management $329.00
  • From Scratch / Worksheet Completed $349.00
  • Yearly Update $149.00

*Note: all completed resumes include a cover letter at no charge!