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C2C Consulting, LLC

Without a doubt there are many thousands of people in the industry that call themselves “Consultants.”  Many are good, and most are just average.  Here at Royal Technical Solutions (RTS), you will only deal with the Best in the Industry!  An Arizona-based and owned consultancy, RTS first and foremost develops a long-term partnership with your customers and their staff members.  We understand that no two businesses needs are exactly the same.  RTS prides itself on having the width and breadth of knowledge and experience necessary to craft affordable solutions for everyone.  Whether your needs lie in hosting, web sites, online sales, hardware, software, networks, business process or communications, we have experts available to meet all of your information technology needs!  

At RTS, we understand the importance of maximizing your dollar.  We understand the inherent challenges of leading small and medium-sized companies.  We also understand the importance of preparing your business for the future.  Your company technology must be prepared to capitalize on opportunities as they present themselves.  Speed and agility are key to competing successfully in today’s market.

RTS provides programs and services specifically targeted at positioning your company to do just that.  We offer “free evaluations” as well as “try it before you buy it” trials of our industry-leading products.

The “best and the brightest” professionals in the industry are available to you through RTS.  We attract and retain associates who are deeply experienced experts in their field.

You know exactly what you are paying for, and when you will get it with RTS.  Call us today.  See how we can help your company with its technology needs.